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Yuko Tojo, granddaughter of Japan's wartime leader, General Hideki Tojo, poses with her grandfather's uniform at her home in Tokyo, Japan in 2005. Gen. Tojo - who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor -- was charged and hanged as a war criminal after World War II when Yuko was just 6, and though she remembers little of her grandfather she still regards him as a hero. "Japan did not fight a war of aggression but in self-defense," says Ms. Tojo, widely seen as a leading figurehead in a recent surge in nationalism in Japan and who unsuccessfully ran for a seat in Japan's House of Councilors in 2007. "Schoolchildren are told what evil things our country and their ancestors did during the war and this has led to a lack of pride in the Japanese people. This is wrong. We must reinstall a sense of pride and confidence in our children to make our country strong again."