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Yuko Tojo, granddaughter of Japan's wartime leader, General Hideki Tojo, poses with a photo of her grandfather outside Yaskuni Shrine in Tokyo. Gen. Hideki Tojo - who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor -- was charged and hanged as a war criminal after World War II when Yuko was just 6, and he is enshrined inside the controversial Yasukuni Shrine together with 13 other convicted war criminals. Though she remembers little of her grandfather she still regards him as a hero. "Japan did not fight a war of aggression but in self-defense," says Ms. Tojo, widely seen as a leading figurehead in a recent surge in nationalism in Japan and who unsuccessfully ran for a seat in Japan's House of Councilors in 2007. "Japanese children are only taught about the evil things our country and their ancestors did during the war and this has led to a lack of pride in the Japanese people, which is wrong. We must reinstall a sense of pride and confidence in our children."