About Robert Gilhooly

Rob Gilhooly is a U.K.-born freelance photographer and writer who is currently based in Japan. His work has appeared in publications around the globe, including Newsweek, Time, the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, The Times, the Guardian and the Sydney Morning Herald. He is a regular contributir to New Scientist magazine. He was formerly a staff reporter at the Japan Times. In 2004, Robert obtained a Masters degree in journalism, during which he focused his studies on social documentary and news photography and photojournalism. He has also contributed to numerous TV documentaries and books. His website is viewable at www.japanphotojournalist.com. You can also click the icon at the extreme top left of this page to link to this site.

Robert has also worked on video and other multimedia productions. In April, he made this video, which was shot inside the 20 km evacuation zone that had been set up around the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan that was damaged after the March 11, 2011 quake a tsunamis. Robert visited this zone on several occasions mostly to take still photos on assignments with the Times, the Guardian and the Telegraph newspapers. 

このウェブサイトはイギリス出身フォトジャーナリスト、ロバート ギルフーリーによるサイトです。在日19年の経歴を持ち、数多くの写真や記事が世界中の新聞、雑誌などに掲載されました。元英字新聞ジャパンタイムズの記者であり、日本に関わる著書やテレビドキュメンタリーにも貢献しました。